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What Is It Like To Live In A Halfway House?

Content Employability Skills What Should I Bring With Me to Rehab? What Does Living in a Halfway House Involve? The Difference Between Sober Living and a Halfway House Committed to Sobriety In both cases, the halfway house provides a structure for its residents. Halfway house staff helps recovering addicts and former inmates reintegrate back into…
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The Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous

Content What About God? The psychology and neuropsychology of alcoholism, addictive behaviour and recovery. Friendship requires an active orientation toward life and your relationship The 12 steps and therapy. My experience Big Book ASL – Appendix IV – The Lasker Award In Modern Terms, What is the “Spiritual Malady” of AA? Welcome to San Angelo…
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What Are Some Fun Ways to Celebrate Sobriety?

Content DIY Zero-Proof Recipe Called “The Wednesday”, Inspired by the Addams Family TREAT YOURSELF TO A FAVORITE HEALTHY GOURMET FOOD Want More Ideas to Celebrate Sobriety? Build an event schedule that doesn’t rely on drinking. Write a New Song for Each Sober Anniversary Macklemore Continues to Recover Out Loud with New Album “Ben” BUY YOURSELF…
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